Easy Housing

Easy Housing is a sustainable building system. We offer an innovative solution for affordable housing. Our homes are easy to build and are suitable for many regions with a wide range of design options.


Affordable housing
Lack of affordable housing is a global challenge. Rapid urbanisation creates a high demand for affordable housing. Climate change requires us to change to sustainable ways of building. Easy Housing provides a sustainable solution based on engineered wood (LVL).


Building concept

Easy Housing is sustainable and makes comfortable living affordable. Efficient material use and smart design provide a cost-effective housing solution that is suitable for many climate regions. It is flexible in design and easy to build by people on site.

Governments, contractors and project developers around the world can use the building concept and start building affordable housing. Contact us for quotation and additional information!

Climate proof

Easy Housing is adapted to many climates. The overhang keeps out the sun in hot countries and more insulation can be applied in colder regions. A light foundation of small concrete blocks elevates the house so that the building is flood resilient and has a higher resistence to vermin and insects. 

Circular economy

The concept uses segments of 16 m2. This way the building size can be adjusted to the family size. It is also possible to relocate homes when necessary. For example due to urban densification or natural disasters. The construction of the building is easy to demount and reuse which makes it a circular building concept.

Sustainable sourcing

Easy Housing has a positive carbon footprint thanks to its wooden construction. The wood is sustainably sourced and shipping can be done in a compact fashion because of the light weight construction. Solar panels and a rain water storage tank can easily be added for renewable energy and water use.

Local jobs

The houses are easy to build on site and provide local jobs. Building can be done with just simple tools. Building manuals and technical drawings are provided for free along with the building materials. Easy Housing can also provide training to local builders to ensure the building quality and to set up larger projects.

Easy construction

People need little training or building experience to build with Easy Housing. The materials are shipped in the right dimensions. Only a cordless drill and a ladder are required.

Efficient logistics

Shipping of the building materials is efficient. All building materials fit in a 20FT shipping container. These containers are shipped globally and are also suitable for inland transport, even on poor infrastructure. The building materials are light weight. Everything can be safely lifted and carried by just two people.

Flexible design

Easy Housing is designed to meet the needs of many possible owners. Using the same basic materials, there are many floorplan options. The houses can also be connected to create multiple houses in a row.


Each segment is 16 m2 and the houses can be scaled up or down per segment. A single segment is 2.5m x 6.0m including overhang. Check the options page for several design options.

Quick planning

Orders take around 8 weeks to get shipped. Shipping is possible from Q3 2020 onwards. The actual shipping time depends on the destination country and on the local customs.