Technical Specifications


Easy Housing has many unique features that make it a great housing solution for many people around the world:

  • Flood resilient
  • Quick & easy to build
  • Demountable
  • Reusable
  • Circular 
  • Carbon negative
  • Biobased construction
  • Lightweight materials
  • Affordable price
  • Flexible design
  • Easy logistics
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy foundation
  • Adjustable foundation height
  • Integrated overhang
  • Standard window frames
  • White façade for keeping out heat
  • Standardised building materials
  • Construction with just two people
  • Construction without expensive tools
  • Smart storage shelves in ceiling
  • Insect screens for windows (option)
  • Integrated kitchen cupboards (option)
  • Rain water harvesting (option)


The foundation consists of concrete blocks with a metal connection corner to the column. The connection corners and bolts and nuts are provided, as well as the plywood plates to pour the concrete blocks. The threaded ends of the M16 bolts make the home easily adjustable in height.

The floor consists out of wooden main and sub beams. They are screwed together and insulated with a 90 mm glass wool insulation within a vapour permeable construction foil. The floor is plated with an 18 mm chipboard plating.

The outer walls are built up out of wooden studs and plated with 18 mm white painted chipboard. The walls are insulated with 90 mm glass wool and covered with a UV and water resistant building foil. Façade cladding of 4 mm oil tempered white painted hard board is applied. Structural columns are present at the corners of each segment.

Decent plastic window frames with low maintenance are provided in standard dimensions. The position of doors and windows is flexible.

The inner walls are made out of wooden studs and battens and insulated with acoustical insulation (70 mm). The inner walls are clad with 12 mm white painted chipboard.

The roof is built up out of wooden main and sub beams and plated with white chipboard of 18mm. It can be finished with PIR insulation and corrugated sheets.

Design Options

The building system of Easy Housing is based on modular principles, allowing many different designs and floorplans – as long as they stay in the grid of the segments. The concept uses segments of 16 m2, which can be used to build a wide variety of houses, from studios to large family-homes and multi-storey apartments. The position of windows, doors and partition walls is flexible so that any floorplan can be created. 

There are three basic designs directly available: the Easy Home Double (64 m2), Triple (96 m2) and Quadruple (128 m2). These homes have a comfortable living room and kitchen, multiple bedrooms and a bathroom. The bathroom can hold a toilet, shower and sink, which can easily be connected to the local water infrastructure and sewage systems. Each room has a window that can be opened with screens to keep out insects.

Do you want to know more about the design options? Check out our Product Brochure!

Easy Home Double
Easy Home Triple
Easy Home Quadruple

Design Specifications

Length                4800 mm (at base) // 6150 mm (with overhang)

Overhang           1200 mm

Width                  2400 mm

Height                 2950 mm (front) // 3200 mm (back)

Outer Wall         134 mm (total wall thickness)

Weight                900 kg (without walls, partition walls, interior or roof cladding)

Surface               16 m2

Volume               42 m3

Ceiling height   2680 mm (average height to roof)

Length                4800 mm (at base) // 6150 mm (with overhang)

Overhang           1200 mm

Width                  10200 mm

Height                 2950 mm (front) // 3200 mm (back)

Weight                6800 kg (including walls, partition walls, interior or roof cladding)

Surface               64 m2

Volume               168 m3

CO2 storage       5500 kg CO2 (stored in construction – carbon positive impact)

Length                10200 mm (at base) // 12300 mm (with overhangs)

Overhang           1200 mm

Width                  10200 mm

Height                 2950 mm (front) // 3200 mm (back/middle)

Weight                10 000 kg (including walls, partition walls, interior, roof cladding)

Surface               96 m2

Volume               256m3

CO2 storage       8300 kg CO2 (stored in construction – carbon positive impact)

For more information on these basic designs or possibilities for tailor-made designs, request the brochure or contact us!


Installations can easily be applied on site by local technicians. The wooden construction is ideal for applying plumming and electricity on site during the construction process (or later on). Airconditioning, electrical wiring and plumming can be installed through inner and outer walls. Ventilation exhausts can be placed in the kitchen and bath room walls. Solar panels can be mounted on the roof.

Rainwater can be collected with a rain gutter and stored in a water storage tank. Waste water can exit the bath room and kitchen easily through the floor construction. As the floor of the construction is lifted above ground level the infrastructure can be reached and maintained easily. Connection to local infrastructure or decentral systems is simple.

Multiple Storeys

Easy Housing can be built in two or three storey configurations. This allows for higher urban density and is considered an important design prerequisite for urban housing projects and urban densification. The structural integrity and building physics are suited for multiple building layers. However, it is important to validate these more complex clusters and multi-story dwellings with local building conditions and regulations, which can be done on a case by case basis. Currently we are working togehter with Engineers Without Borders the Netherlands to further develop our multi-storey design.


Check out these photos from our projects in Arua, Beira, and Hilversum!

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