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European sales of complete building packages

Include the construction materials for the entire Easy Home Double. Can be transported flat pack by truck as a building package. Building details and instructions included. People can then build the house themselves on their plot or contract local skilled labour for the construction. Estimated required labour around 300 man hours for the basic design (64 m2). Other designs and sizes are possible.

Potential markets: tiny homes, eco villages, DIY housebuilders, holiday homes, garden homes, rural housing, affordable housing.


Price range (for the Double design):

Gross floor area – 64 m2

Price for the building package from €19.500 excl. VAT


  • Entire timber frame of the house. Based on engineered laminated wood (LVL).
  • Including beams, columns,studs, floor, wall and roof plating. including overhang and partition walls.
  • Roof finishing (steel roofplates) including insulation, foils, gutter and rain pipes.
  • Glass wool insulation for floors (170mm) and facades (90mm) including vapour open building foils.
  • Concrete foundation blocks (10 pieces) and nuts and bolts for connection of foundation
  • Anthracite window frames with double glazing (8 windows), front door and interior doors incl. hinges and locks. facade cladding with plating or wood incl. back battens all the required screws, bolts, tapes and so on for building the construction with the right screw instructions.


  • Transport costs – in EU appr. €1 per km (distance from Utrecht to destination) VAT of destination country
  • Terrace, installations, kitchen, sanitation, tiling, floor finishing, painting.

International export of the wooden frame 

Stripped construction of the homes. What makes it unique is the engineered wooden construction which can be shipped compactly. All other materials can be sourced locally (like the OSB plating for floors, walls, roof).

Basically the shipment includes the beams, plates and screws of the construction (compact and flat packed). We ship just the timber frame which enables people to source all other materials locally without having to use concrete bricks nor reinforced steel for the construction.

Indicative price for the LVL frame including the chipboard plating for the floor, walls and roof, screws. €7000 excl. VAT

Building package: 64 m2 home – 7.4 m3 – 4500kg   

Prices exclude shipping, port handling, import tax and VAT

Pricing Information

The mentioned prices are indicative prices. Please contact us to receive a quote for concrete projects. Actual prices depend on requested quantity and fluctuations in wood prices. The following list describes which things are included and excluded in the indicative price. Note that shipping cost and local taxes like VAT and import taxes are not included in the price.

Included in indicative price:

  • Technical drawings
  • Construction manuals
  • Construction materials floors, walls, roofs, partition walls
  • Partition walls including frames, acoustical insulation and white wall cladding
  • Screws and bolts for the entire construction
  • Foundation corners
  • Insulation material for floors, walls and partition wall
  • Façade foil (water and UV resistant)
  • Façade cladding (oil tempered white painted hardboard)
  • Exterior window frames
  • Front door
  • Interior doors

Excluded from indicative price:

  • VAT (value added tax of destination country)
  • Shipping costs (shipped from the port of Rotterdam)
  • Local import taxes (if applicable in destination country)
  • Labour costs
  • Roof cladding (such as corrugated sheets)
  • Concrete for foundation
  • Floor finishing
  • Kitchen cupboards and furniture
  • Water and sewage systems
  • Sanitary furniture
  • Electricity and HVAC systems
  • Roof insulation: PIR insulation plates (option)
  • Roof cladding: Corrugated sheet (option)
  • Kitchen: Five cabinets of birch plywood (option)

For average shipping costs check from Rotterdam to the destination port using a 20FT/40FT container. On average one 20FT container fits around 120 m2 of Easy Housing building materials.

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