About Us

Our Vision

We envision a world where everyone has access to a safe, sustainable and comfortable home.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make sustainable housing affordable through our innovative building concept.

The Problem

There is a large demand for affordable housing, but the traditional building sector cannot provide sufficient housing and has a devastating impact on the environment.

Our Solution

Easy Housing is a circular and carbon-negative building concept based on sustainably sourced timber. Our houses are safe, comfortable, and resistant to natural disasters. The concept is standardised and scalable, providing a universal solution to the global need for affordable  sustainable housing.

Our Team

Wolf Bierens

Founder / CEO
Founder Wolf Bierens is an entrepreneurial engineer with a background in environmental technology and sustainable building. Wolf is also co-founder of the Dutch company Sustainer Homes which builds circular wooden homes with its own sustainable modular building system. He was listed on the Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2017 and twice on the Sustainable Young 100 (DJ100) in The Netherlands, in 2016 and 2020.

Niels van den Berge

Co-Founder / COO
Niels van den Berge is an expert on international development, climate and water, and has a background in sustainable forestry. He has worked with NGOs and governments on projects concerning water and sanitation, among others in Bangladesh, Mali, Kenya and Uganda. In addition, Niels has extensive experience in coaching and supporting sustainable enterprises in developing countries.

Brian Onenchan

Project Manager Uganda
Brian Onenchan is an architectural technician from Uganda, passionate about architecture, affordable housing, sustainable construction, environmental conservation, and commercial farming. He holds a diploma in architecture from Kyambogo University, Uganda and has attended several Green Building and Smart Farming trainings. He will oversee the Easy Housing projects in Uganda.

Marlene Salia

Junior Architect
Marlene Salia is a Junior Architect with a bachelor degree in Architecture and Physical Planning from Eduardo Mondlane University in Mozambique. She joined the Easy Housing team as she has interest in designing affordable and accessible houses through circular economy as a solution to the housing crisis in Mozambique and throughout.

Kim Laane

Junior Business Development
Kim Laane has done her bachelor in International Development Studies at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Currently she is in the second year of the master Science for Sustainable Development at Linköping University, Sweden. Kim started out as an intern at Easy Housing, but is now Junior Business Development while also working on her master thesis.

Max Heidelberg

Junior Business Development
Max Heidelberg is a master student in International Economics & Development at the Radboud University in The Netherlands. During his internship at Easy Housing, he is working on market research and business development. The internship perfectly combines his interests in emerging economies, sustainability and climate.

Wiladatu Sakdiyah

Intern Business Development
Willa Sakdiyah did her bachelor in Biology at State University Malang in Indonesia. Currently she is doing her master in Climate Studies at Wageningen University (NL). Living most of her life in Indonesia, she has a strong affinity with the housing issues and culture in Southeast Asia. Therefore she joined Easy Housing as an intern focusing on business development in Southeast Asia.

Wadzanai Linda Mvundura

Intern Business Development
Wadzanai Mvundura is currently her masters in International Land and Water Management at Wageningen University (NL). She has 13 years of experience in agriculture management working for the government in Zimbabwe, and has a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Resources Management. Working as an intern at Easy Housing, she is keen to advance her knowledge on affordable, climate-resilient housing.

Mohammed Abolilah

Intern Architecture / Engineering
Mohammed Abolilah is a licensed architect in Egypt and Qatar with a background in architecture and engineering. He is currently doing a master's degree in Architecture and Building Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. He joined Easy Housing to do his internship as part of the Architecture and Engineering Team to help create and design circular housing solutions for emerging markets in Africa.

Easy Housing Ambassadors 

Alberto Cumerlato

Advisor Architecture
Alberto Cumerlato is a licenced architect in Italy and a registered member of OAPPC Venezia. He has worked for many renowned offices and organizations in Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Alberto’s passion for international development and sustainable architecture brought him in contact with Easy Housing, where he is now functioning as an advisor regarding architecture and design.

Josien de Koning

Advisor Architecture / Engineering
Josien de Koning is doing a master study in Integrated Building Systems at ETH Zürich and has experience in energy modelling and digitising of buildings. In the first half of 2022, she worked as an intern for Easy Housing, advancing the digitisation and automation of our building concept. Now, she is an advisor on this and many other topics.

Mikkel Jensen

Advisor Engineering
Mikkel Jensen is passionate about affordable housing and believes that a good home is a necessary foundation for all economic and social development. Eight years of his career, he has spend working in construction and timber industries in Africa, supervising all phases of housing construction in the tropics. He is proud to be working with Easy Housing, sharing his hands-on experience.
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