About us

Easy Housing was founded in 2019 with the mission to make sustainable affordable housing accessible for everyone. Urbanisation and climate change require a rapid transition towards sustainable ways of building. The lack of affordable housing is a global problem. It relates to most of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN. This makes it crystal clear that providing a solution for sustainable affordable housing is one of the most import challenges of humanity in the 21st century, especially for emerging economies.

Founder Wolf Bierens is an entrepreneurial engineer with a background in environmental technology and sustainable building. Wolf is also co-founder of the Dutch company Sustainer Homes which builds circular wooden homes in The Netherlands with its own sustainable modular building system.


Sustainabity in the building industry

In the coming decades, the building industry will gradually have to shift from concrete to wood as the main construction material. Wood is durable, flexable, light weight and stores atmospheric CO2. As long as the wood is sustainably sourced, using it as a construction material creates a huge environmental advantage compared to concrete. Production of concrete causes no less than 8% of all global CO2 emissions! 

Easy Housing uses engineered timber (LVL) from PEFC certified forests in Finland, which has a long tradition of sustainable forestry. The materials can be shipped directly from source to site which ensures an efficient supply chain.

Unique building system

Easy Housing offers a unique building system based on engineered wood. The construction consists of laminated timber (LVL) which is very strong and durable. Smart design allows for efficient material use. An integrated supply chain enables a fast delivery from source to site. In addition, the sustainably sourced wood has a nett positive environmental footprint because it serves as CO2 storage. These aspects make our building concept one of the most sustainable building systems in the world.

Innovation in timber building

Easy Housing has an innovative approach towards making sustainable housing more affordable. It developed a building system with a construction based on engineered timber. The construction materials for its structural timber frame are light weight and can be shipped flat pack as beams already in the right dimensions. The other building materials can be sourced locally. Building details and instructions are provided and are easy to understand.


Heatmap of human density makes urbanisation very visible
The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can all be linked to sustainable affordable housing
Founder Wolf Bierens during construction of the first Easy Home
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